Market a consistent message to your clients


In this program, we have developed one and a half minute Video Vignettes  to be sent to your clients and prospects via an email  from “YOU” on  the series' topic of your choice.  Our culture suggests that most people today would more readily watch a short video than read an article.  However, the program also comes with short articles.  Both formats are based on Circle of Wealth® concepts that will educate, inform and establish a consistent message of what you do. 

The system allows you to do the following:
Touch your clients on a consistent basis
Maintain a "front of mind" position that will increase referrals
Put your system on autopilot
Set it up and focus on what you do best.

There are four video series to choose from:
o     Circle of Wealth
o     Golf and Finance   
o     College Funding

o    Wealth and Wisdom

Each series has 18-20 vignettes.  Choose one or choose them all! Sequences can be integrated together or you can place specific contacts in different sequences.  For example, out of 100 clients half are golfers and the other half need information about College Funding or concepts you will one day discuss with them centered around Circle of Wealth.

Emails to your data base list  are sent out every 21 days. The email will come with message from you and a link to a Video Vignette. Every 27 days articles can be sent out from you from our library of Circle of Wealth articles.  You will be sent each email in a sequence seven days before it is sent to your client(s). This program makes maintaining client communications easy and the system allows you to  add or remove clients to manage your campaign. The system also provides concierge service to give you personal  help to get started and provide reporting statistics.  Also, the "share with a friend" feature provides a great opportunity for you to increase your prospecting data base with no effort at all. 

For more information on the Drip Marketing System 
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