1. Can I add and remove contacts?

a. YES. You can add contacts individually on the page provided for you to do so. If you have multiple contacts to add, or if you would like to remove
contacts, email Annah the details and she will do it for you.

2. Do you need the first and last names of my clients?

We really only need the emails from your database. There is no greeting in the emails that addresses the client by name. However, we strongly
suggest you include the first and last names since it is difficult to distinguish clients from their email addresses alone.

3. What format do I submit my contact email list?

a. Excel

4. Can I log in and send my own personal emails to my contacts in the system?

a. NO, this is a specific marketing program designed to establish a “Front of Mind” experience for your clients based on the sequence(s) you chose.

b. This is NOT a CRM or a personal email assistant.

c. If you would like to send marketing on a personal level, contact Annah about Thank You, Referral, and Birthday Cards.

5. How many contacts am I able to add?

a. UNLIMITED! The size of your database is not restricted.

b. You must send in an initial CLEAN database spreadsheet. This means all your emails must be valid. A statistic report will be performed after the
first email is sent. If more than five percent are undeliverable, your database will be returned to you for clean-up and resubmission. Once a clean database is established, returned emails will removed by Annah and you will be notified of their removal from the campaign.

c. NO SPAM!! We assume, since your clients already receive correspondence from you, it is ok to send them emails.

d. If you receive too many spam complaints from your clients, your service can be shut down.

6. How customizable is my WebPage?

a. You can add your Logo, Photo, and Contact information.

b. No need to have a website, prospects will see your information.

c. The layout of the WebPages look the same. Only the titles and colors can be changed.

d. Visit
www.moneytraxvideos.com to view a ‘SAMPLE” webpage!

7. Can I segment my contacts into different groups?

a. YES, you may segment your contacts for each sequence. You may start different clients down different paths. I.e. Circle of Wealth and College
Funding. However, there will only be one segment per sequence. So, you cannot further dissect your clients into Prospects, Clients, Referrals, etc. if they are all receiving the same sequence.

b. Label each XLS spreadsheet with the title of the sequence.

8. Can I customize the emails sent out that contain the vignette link?

a. YES! Upon set up you will be sent the verbiage for all the emails. You may customize them at this time. However, the verbiage you add must be
your own! You cannot copy and past from other people’s work!

b. Insert your tag line or quote.

c. Add information for your clients to remember you.

9. May I edit the emails after initial set up?

a. YES. You may edit two emails per sequence each month.

10. Can I change sequences?

a. YES. If you are paying for more than one sequence, you can add a client to another sequence at any time.

b. You may also discontinue a sequence and opt to receive another sequence. However, you must pay another $200 setup fee for doing so. All emails
that are being sent to clients for the old sequence will also be discontinued.

 11. How do I add contacts?

a.      You will be sent a link to an “ADD CONTACT” page. You may add contacts one at a time from this page.

12. I am enrolled in more than one sequence, what do I do now?

a.      Delineate contact lists into different sequences.

b.     Integrate multiple sequences for one list. 

c.      If you do not choose one of the previous options your list still start with one sequence and continue from there.

13.Regarding the agent's client emails:

a.      All emails to clients will only receive correspondence from the agent.

b.     No other information is requested. No third party will ever see clients phone, address, ect.

c.      No 3rd party emails will be sent. Client will never receive anything from "My Custom Videos" or "MoneyTrax, Inc."

d.     If agent opts out of the Vignette Drip System all emails and information will be deleted.

e.      Agents may use purchased lists in this system. All clients must be personal or referral contacts.

f.       Agents will receive any reply mail because the email "comes from" the agent.


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